Hartwood Winery in Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Hartwood Winery

About Hartwood Winery

Hartwood is an area long known for its heavy deer population. Hart is the Old English word for deer, and according to local legend is the basis for the area's name - and, in turn, the winery's logo. This 12-acre Stafford County farm winery offers free tours and tastings in scenic Hartwood. A gift shop on the premises offers a selection of Hartwood fine wines and wine-related items. Bring a picnic and enjoy wine on Hartwood's front deck or around the winery grounds.

Contact Information

345 Hartwood Road
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Hours of Operation: 11am to 5pm Wen-Fri, 11 to 6 Sat-Sun

Where is Hartwood Winery

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