Tularosa Vineyards in Ruidoso, New Mexico

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Tularosa Vineyards

About Tularosa Vineyards

Visit us to see the process of creating superior wines from vine to vintner.

"At Tularosa Vineyards we strive to create world class wines, but we will never forget our humble, hardworking roots. World class wine means nothing if you can't afford to drink it. Our understanding of the vineyards from which we create our wines and our personal relationship with every grower that grows grapes for our brand goes into every bottle of our wines. I always remember the good advice passed onto me by my father as he said " Great grapes= great wine!" or "Garbage in!" Garbage out!" or how about "Great wine is made in the vineyard!" We are always improving our winemaking technique and equipment and always working harder in the vineyards. The mark of quality and value is something that I cherish the most about what we do." Chris Wickham

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23 Coyote Canyon Rd
Ruidoso, New Mexico

Hours of Operation: Mon thru Sat 9-5, Sun 12-5

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