The Marshall House in Leesburg, Virginia

The home of a man who changed the direction of the world

The Marshall House

About The Marshall House

The Marshall House is unique among historic houses because most of the furnishings and memorabilia in the house were owned and used by the Marshalls and were obtained from Mrs. Marshall’s heirs. Detailed plans for the conservation and placement of the collection and for the reproduction of the original floor and wall coverings were developed by Dr. William Seale, a leading expert in the field, and Anne Horstman, who served as executive vice president of the Marshall Center during the restoration. Among the items are originals or reproductions of art given to the Marshalls, including a reproduction of View of Tinherir, painted by Sir Winston Churchill in Morocco in 1951 and given to the Marshalls in 1953.

Contact Information

217 Edwards Ferry Rd NE
Leesburg, Virginia

Hours of Operation: Sat 10-5, Sun 1-5

Where is The Marshall House

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