Strataca - Kansas Underground Salt Museum in Hutchinson, Kansas

The only opportunity of this kind in North America.

Strataca - Kansas Underground Salt Museum

About Strataca - Kansas Underground Salt Museum

By 1999, the Executive Director and Board of the Reno County Historical Society recognized the importance of preserving and presenting the Hutchinson salt story to the public. It soon became apparent that the logical, yet most challenging solution would be to re-open a portion of the mine to public tours. Today’s attraction is the product of collaboration of the Historical Society and the two business entities that exist in the mine: the Hutchinson Salt Company and Underground Vaults and Storage. UV&S is a large facility that is known for storing a vast number of original Hollywood movies, as well as millions of documents and items from all over the world in a secure and environmentally conducive environment. In the late 1990’s, when it was decided that in order to expand their storage business a new elevator or hoist would need to be built, a partnership was formed that resulted in the development of the museum.

Contact Information

3650 E Avenue G
Hutchinson, Kansas

Hours of Operation: Tue-Fri 9a-5p; Sat 9a-6p; Sun 1p-6p

Where is Strataca - Kansas Underground Salt Museum

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