Jackson Stables in Kirksville, Missouri

A winery and so much more

Jackson Stables

About Jackson Stables

Framed in oak beams and adorned with western-themed art, the Stables quickly became a favored spot for weddings, banquets, and many other gatherings. Visitors couldn't resist the serenity of the surroundings and the majestic beauty of the architecture. In 2009 Jackson Stables opened its doors to welcome West Winery of Macon to become the Kirksville location for the sampling and purchasing of their wines. Like the pairing of a rich port with decadent dark chocolate, West Winery’s superb wines and Jackson Stables scenic elegance are a perfect match.

Contact Information

22694 Rainbow Basin Trail
Kirksville, Missouri

Hours of Operation: Thursday's 4pm - 8 pm; Friday's and Saturday's 3-9

Where is Jackson Stables

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