Flagstop Resort & RV Park in Milford, Kansas

Just like being at home. But more fun!

Flagstop Resort & RV Park

About Flagstop Resort & RV Park

Flagstop is the most unique Campground on Milford Lake. We have that backyard feeling that you will find in your hometown. Here at Flagstop, we welcome your Golf Cart as the primary means of transportation - nowhere else on Milford Lake can you enjoy your cart.
When you pass by your camping-neighbors, don't be surprised when they smile and wave. It's just how comfortable we are here. We hope you find it as inviting as we do. After one season, you will see those same campers again next year... they just keep coming back for the warmth and friendliness that we all enjoy here.

Contact Information

302 Whiting Street
Milford, Kansas

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 8am-6pm; Sun 9am-5pm

Where is Flagstop Resort & RV Park

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