3 Horse Ranch Vineyards in Eagle, Idaho

The way it was meant to be

3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

About 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

We chose natural growing methods in order to obtain the strongest and richest grapes possible, with the fewest detrimental effects on the environment. As a result, the grapes have more varietal character and intense flavors. The wines benefit from this, reflecting our dedication to quality.

The vineyard is our home, literally located directly above is directly above the growing vines. As a family, we didn’t want to breathe or otherwise come in contact with traditional herbicides and pesticides. So, we found natural methods to be the right way for us to grow our grapes and tend our vineyards.

Contact Information

5900 Pearl Road
Eagle, Idaho

Hours of Operation: Wen-Sun 12-6

Where is 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

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