Jesse James Bank Museum in Liberty, Missouri

The bank as it was in 1866.

Jesse James Bank Museum

About Jesse James Bank Museum

The Jesse James Bank Museum is located on the historic square in downtown Liberty, Missouri. It is owned by Jack Wymore and operated by the Clay County Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites Department.

The Jesse James Bank, located on the historic square in Liberty, Missouri, was the site of the nation’s first successful daylight peacetime bank robbery. While the robbers were never caught, the crime as attributed to the infamous James Gang.

Visitors see bank as it was in 1866. Period furnishings fill the room and one become immersed in the story of the robbery as told by the bank teller. As you peer into the original green vault you can imagine the fear felt by the two bank tellers. Among the furnishings, a rare Seth Thomas clock, set for the exact time and date of the robbery, February 13, 1866. Many photographs and other documents are on display for the public to view.

Contact Information

103 N Water St.
Liberty, Missouri

Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm

Where is Jesse James Bank Museum

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