First City Museum in Leavenworth, Kansas

The march of progress

First City Museum

About First City Museum

Collection of early frontier memorabilia and artifacts including buggies and cutters that were either manufactured or owned in Leavenworth. The museum features prison memorabilia and 8’ by 8’ mockups of both the United States Penitentiary and Lansing Correction Facility, as well as a showcase of confiscated weaponry made by inmates. There is also an extensive display of Western Union Telegraph Morse code equipment and the 1940s perforated tape operation used throughout the country, including here in Leavenworth, all in interactive condition. Another recent exhibit is a huge display of wood workers and handyman’s tools donated by a local family. Establishment of artifacts from large industries, the railroad and the manufacturing industries, emphasize Leavenworth’s initial claim to importance in the early days. Other exhibits recalling the past are the Buffalo Bill era including the large bank safe where Isaac Cody stored gold.

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743 Delaware Street
Leavenworth, Kansas

Hours of Operation: Thursday 1-5pm

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