Glenwood Hot Springs Pool in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Relaxing, fun and we believe very therapeutic

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

About Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

Swimming, soaking and playing in the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is an iconic Glenwood Springs experience. Where else can you swim the length of a football field in water that’s as warm as bath? Different people have different reasons for visiting. Some come to immerse themselves in the healing mineral-rich waters, others come to swim outdoors when there’s a blanket of snow covering the ground, still others hope to deplete their children’s energy reserves by keeping them busy for a few hours or days. You’ll have to visit to find out first hand what you love best about Glenwood Hot Springs.

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401 North River Street
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

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Where is Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

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