Mile High Gliding in Boulder, Colorado

Silent, beautiful and exhilarating

Mile High Gliding

About Mile High Gliding

For all rides except our Double Flights, you will sit in the front seat of a two-place glider, with your pilot seated behind you. The clear Plexiglass canopy allows an unobstructed view of the fabulous mountain and college town scenery surrounding you.

Gliders are a most accessible context for building FAA certified piloting skills. Simple, free, rapid, and affordable. Every year, we train dozens of new pilots, including teenagers who may solo as of age 14. We offer training packages from 2 hour introductions to intensive courses. Many airplane pilots have added an FAA glider rating with us in under a week. Lessons daily with Examiners close by and IACRA web tools.

Contact Information

5534 Independence Rd
Boulder, Colorado

Hours of Operation: Daily 9 - 5

Where is Mile High Gliding

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