Texas Motor Speedway Racing Adventure in Fort Worth, Texas

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Texas Motor Speedway Racing Adventure

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Racing on the Texas Motor Speedway racetrack is exhilarating, because it is a wide-open, blazingly fast track that requires good handling. Every turn at Texas has its own personality and requires its own special handling. Drivers hug the wall on Turn 1, release the throttle, and apply the brake to get into the corner's groove, then give it more throttle as they round the middle. They add throttle on the way to Turn 2, where they increase it while taking down the steering angle. On Turn 3, they hug the outside wall and then start dragging the brake when they see the corner coming, working toward mid-track and adding more throttle in the middle of the turn. Turn 4 is a corner where drivers lower their speed and lower their steering angle due to a fast transition on the dogleg frontstretch, as well as increasing the throttle, staying on the inside close to the grass for the dogleg straight. For racers that want a drive that will demand their best, the Dale Jarrett racing experience at Tex

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3545 Lone Star Circle
Fort Worth, Texas

Hours of Operation: Check site for schedule

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