NOBS in New Orleans, Louisiana

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About NOBS

John Melton started working at his first bike shop – Bicycle Source in Baton Rouge – when he was 16, after teaching himself to build his own BMX wheels. He started New Orleans Bike and Board Shop (NOBS) in 1998, selling only skateboards at 8133 Oak Street. In 2001, he moved to 8206 Oak and started selling and working on bikes.

After Katrina, NOBS was on hold until 2009, when John moved into his current space at 8136 Oak. Today, he works with every kind of bike and board – cruisers, mountain bikes, single speeds, fixed gears, and everything in between – and builds custom bikes and boards from the frame and wheels up.

Contact Information

8136 Oak St
New Orleans, Louisiana

Hours of Operation: Tue-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-3

Where is NOBS

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